Saint Mary’s Altar Guild

A Letter from the Altar Guild

Invisible Servitude

Sitting in a pew on a typical Sunday morning and taking in the beauty of the liturgy, the candles, flowers and the communion table set for the Eucharist, you can forget that although there is certainly magic alive in the sanctuary, the practical matters of making this happen are not enchanted.

Inside All Saint’s there is a group of dedicated members of the parish who Serve the Alter and make sure that the linens are immaculate and pressed, vestments are clean and in repair, silver is polished, candles have sufficient wicks for the upcoming week of services and that there is bread and wine for the Eucharist.

These members of the parish who Serve the Alter are invisible and they like it this way.  You may be seated in a pew next to one of these people and not know it.  You Share the Peace with them and perhaps approach the alter for the Eucharist and not have a notion of the service they provide to All Saint’s.  This is fine by them.  Their chosen role is invisible servitude.

The Alter Guild at All Saint’s Church would like to invite you to consider joining us and becoming a member.  Your commitment is less than two hours per month.   Please speak to the Rector if you believe your gift to God and our Church is quiet servitude and being invisible.

easter flowers


FLOWERS FOR NEW BORN BABIES If you have or hear of a new baby being born to one of our parishioners, we’d like to put a rose on the baptismal font to acknowledge the new birth. This would also include parishioner’s grandchildren. Please contact Della Armstrong as soon as the baby is born, so that we can put an announcement in the Sunday Bulletin and order a flower. MEMORIALS Have you ever wanted to do something for someone in a very special way? We invite you to consider a memorial for All Saints’ altar. You can do a special remembrance for a special occasion, a birthday, anniversary, birth, death or thanksgiving with a gift of $25.00 for flowers to be put on the altar at All Saints’ Church. You may do a perpetual memorial for a loved one by giving a higher amount donation. Just contact Della Armstrong to let her know about your special occasion or fill in and mail the following form:


Any questions; contact Della . Each year a reminder will be sent to you of your upcoming memorial.

If you would like more information on how to serve on the Altar Guild feel free to contact Della Armstrong

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