An Episcopal Church Executive Committee serves many of the same functions as the boards of directors or trustees in non-profit organizations. Our Executive Committee consists of the Rector and 9 parish members elected by parish members to three-year, staggered terms at an annual meeting in January. Appointed annually by the Rector or Priest-in-Charge, the Senior Warden serves as the Executive Committee chairperson in the Rector’s absence. The Junior Warden, elected annually by the Executive Committee, oversees of Building and Grounds. The Rector (or, in his/her absence, the Wardens) presides at Executive Committee meetings, in which parish business discussed and acted on.

The Executive Committee’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Leads in the financial support of the parish, including adopting an annual budget
  • Evaluates parish direction annually
  • Supports the rector
  • Maintains liability and other forms of insurance
  • Establishes short-term goals and a long-range vision for the parish
  • Maintains a digest of parish policies, records and Executive Committee decisions