The First Candle (The Candle of Prophecy/Hope)

The first candle is sometimes called the candle of prophecy because it symbolizes the promises the prophets delivered as messages from God; promises that foretold Christ’s birth. Others consider the candle to be a symbol of the hope we have in Christ and so it is called the Hope candle.

The Second Candle (The Candle of the Way)

The second candle shows that Christ is the Way. Christians are lost in sin and Christ is the Light sent into the world to show them the way out of darkness.

The Third Candle (The Candle of Joy)

The third candle indicates that the only lasting Joy to be found in life on earth is through Christ. All other joy is fleeting and does not last.

The Fourth Candle (The Candle of Peace)

The fourth candle reminds that Jesus comes to bring Peace to both the world and to people’s hearts. Without Christ there is no peace in this world.

The Fifth Candle (The Christ Candle or Christmas Candle)

The fifth candle represents Christ himself who is born to save people from their sins. It is a celebration of the fulfilment of prophecy as represented in Christ’s birth and hope in the final fulfilment when Christ comes again and Christians join him.



Regular Worship Times

We celebrate the Eucharist on Sundays at 10:00 am. Kids are always welcome in our worship. Our Sunday school meets every Sunday at 10:00 am.  





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Our Mission Statement & Statement of Welcome

We are an inclusive congregation that works on living lives of faith, hope and love and that wishes to share ourselves and our resources with others. If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to see who we are and what we offer. We pray, worship, learn, work and play together and we have FUN! We value what we do, we are greatly blessed and we want to share our many blessings with others. Please come visit us. We think you’ll like what you find.


A Welcome Message from Rev. Derrick  IMG_0432 

If this is your first time visiting All Saints, welcome! We hope you will consider joining us for worship soon. I would love to meet and chat, and to answer any questions you may have about All Saints or the Episcopal Church. I am available to make pastoral calls to anyone who is ill or going through a difficult time or to share conversation and prayer with someone seeking God’s guidance in their life. God bless you. 

Rev. Derrick+